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Fueling for a 6 Day MTB Stage Race at 9,500ft

Our riders, Jamey Driscoll & Ali Flis, tested their physical & mental limits at Breck Epic this past month.

3 Tips from our Team on Fueling for Mountain Bike Stage Races

1. Pack singles of Asend for aid stations. Fill up your hydration system with water and add your favorite flavor. A big mountain bike race day is not the time to experiment with new nutrition.

2. Before the big days, try out all your race food. We fueled with Nutella sandwiches, Honey Stinger Waffles and gummies (not the illegal kind, although that might have been fun).

3. Recovery is key to sustaining performance for the entire week. Within an hour of finishing a stage, mix up an 8 oz. bottle with 2 scoops of our chocolate spice recovery mix. Put your feet up and enjoy.

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